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This is a non-commercial website, for I do not derive an income from photography. My craft is used to help artistic, charitable, veterans and municipal organisations to promote their venue. I also take pride in tutoring and mentoring young photographers pro bono. The images posted here are to display some of my photography.

I was trained on the 4x5" view camera, but for my present purposes the 21 megapixels, large sensor SLR is sufficient. Mobile, light, a large selection of lenses and a company that backs its products.

Photography in my life is a means of self-expression and also a way to get to know places and persons from other cultures. I strive to get to the level of Fine Art not always this being the case.  Presently I concentrate mostly on Still Lives, Landscapes and People. In this rapidly advancing technological age, I find more and more that it is the mood and impact of the image that appeals the most to the viewer. In the words of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century: "Everybody is worried about the depth of field, but where is the depth of feeling?"  W. Eugene Smith.

I hope you enjoy my art.  

Jose Dominguez

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